Fuzzy Slippers

Living in an urban environment can be stressful and chaotic at times, however I try to find the moments where I can convey relief and ease. In this mural I capture that moment of joy and relief from unpleasant realities by seeking entertainment in fantasy. The butterflies move from one side to the other representing the embrace of transformation. The characters channel childlike liberation and cartoony elasticity. I hope the viewer can see themselves here, in this city, surrounded by buildings, trying to find happiness and lightness within the concrete city.

This mural project sponsored by Adult Swim with production by Living Walls as part of the Adult Swim Mural Project, a nationwide art initiative supporting emerging local artists.

Curators: Ginger Rudolph & Conrad Benner

Director of Productions: Kristen Consuegra

Artist Assistants: De'von Downes & Ashley McNamar

Original Painting 36 x 48 in.


Tuesday Oct 5 2021